BIRD aims to churn out new knowledge in a wide range of disciplines and fields in the areas of arts and sciences and join the active community of global institutions that share foci, values, and mission in research.

Custom Research

This is BIRDs exploration into knowledge and world phenomena to shed more light into unexplored and silenced areas and bring in the attention of the academic community so as to push for relevance and sustainable solutions and interventions.


Research BIRD is focused on community-impact research that interacts and engages with the community to identify and address their issues and explore the sustainable solutions to solve these community challenges.

With custom and community-led research BIRD aims to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary research collaboration among students, faculty, and external parties
  • Identifying and assisting with funding opportunities to ensure the success and implementation of custom research.
  • Expand the impact of BIRD research in clinical, industry and/or policy.
  • Provide a direct pro-active link between the institution and communities to ensure BIRDs positive contribution to societal challenges and gaps.