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BIRD is a brainchild of Benadir University (BU) in Mogadishu, Somalia – The institute culminates the decades of efforts in the furtherance of the research mission & vision of BU. Right from the actualization of postgraduate programs, the founders of Benadir University conceived the idea to set-up a research department to support graduate training, manage research grants, and increase research output, an idea that would later translate into BIRD.

In 2021, through Benadir University’s partnership with The Jassa Centre, a research foundation, the idea of BIRD was actualized into a fully operational and semi-autonomous institute of Benadir University set to help Somalia to join the global knowledge society while setting trends in the research community in the country and beyond.

BIRD aims to churn out new knowledge in a wide range of disciplines and fields in the areas of arts and sciences and join the active community of global institutions that share foci, values, and mission in research. BIRD seeks to; train and mentor young researchers, create and disseminate knowledge in a wide range of disciplines, and encourage senior researchers and international scholars to participate in the activities of the institute. BIRD also seeks to widen its partnerships with relevant local and international institutions to influence the necessary skills required for the furtherance of research and development activities.

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